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Theatre Lac-Brome - Promoting theatre and the arts in the Eastern Townships since 1986

Knowlton Film Festival 2022

Knowlton Film Festival 2022 : A success on all fronts


The third edition of the Knowlton Film Festival, which was held from August 24 to 28,, brought together more than 1500 festival-goers for screenings of 21 feature films and 10 short films. feature films and 10 short films by local and international directors.


At the newly equipped Brome Lake theatre for digital cinema projection as well as in 3 new satellite movie theatres (at the Thirsty Boot bar, in the Knowlton IGA parking lot and in the Knowlton IGA and in the Brome Lake Museum Park), the public was there after two long years of pandemic isolation!


The films Coda: Life with Music, Babysitter and Les Tricheurs were sold out! Inspiring discussions kept festival-goers engaged and attentive after the screenings thanks to the presence and generosity of many filmmakers. Among them were Tracey Deer (Beans), Laura Rietveld (The Family of the Forest), Hélène Bélanger-Martin and André Desjardins (Libre), Anik Salas (Réalisatrices équitables), Nicole Giguère (Prisons without Bars), Guylaine Maroist, Michel Constantineau, Pierre Huet and Denis Pantis (Jukebox), Pierre Even (C.R.A.Z.Y.), Monia Chokri (Babysitter), Christine Beaulieu (Les Tricheurs) and Louis Godbout (Coda and Les Tricheurs).


The Festival ended in style with the official nomination of Julie Bradet as President of the Board of Directors, Michèle Bazin giving up her place after five years of carrying the small festival at arm’s length. “It is time for this festival to take off! I am very happy to pass the torch to Julie who knows the cinema well and has all the necessary qualities to make it evolve to its true value. to make it evolve to its true value.”


The little Croisette

With its chic white awnings and red carpet, the Théâtre Lac Brome had taken on the air of Cannes

to welcome the festival-goers. On the evening of the official opening, a cocktail reception preceded a full house for the screening of Louis Godbout’s film, Coda: Life with Music. The film was very warmly welcomed. The audience was also thrilled by the intimate talk that followed where

author Louis Godbout and pianist Serhiy Salov – Patrick Stewart’s hand double in the film – literally took us behind the scenes of the philosophy as well as the musical universe of the film.


Posthumous tribute to Gerald Potterton

The Festival paid a vibrant tribute to the famous animation filmmaker and Knowlton resident, Gerald Potterton, who passed away just hours before the event. “We were very happy to have the family present to pay this last tribute”, as Julie Bradet mentioned. Testimonials as well as a few short films from the 60s made by Potterton preceded the screening of the film The Rainbow Boys. An exhibition of more than of more than a dozen large paintings by the filmmaker was presented in the lobby of the Theatre during the month of August and during the festival.


A festival in satellite mode

For this 3 rd. edition, the board of directors had the idea of creating “venues” of cinema outside the main site. “The Thirsty Boot has been an incredible partner. You should have seen the atmosphere inside the small bar that was transformed into a movie theatre for the presentation of the film What We Choose to Remember,” which enthuses the new president of the board of directors. The friendly local bar institution also presented the films Esperanto and C.R.A.Z.Y.


The Festival intends to renew the experience of the satellite halls, although the Lac-Brome Theatre will always be the privileged partner. “It is by involving a maximum of local actors that we will succeed in the medium term in attracting tourism”, believes the new president who has big plans for her small festival. “The proximity to the border and especially the bilingual character of Brome Lake and our programming allows us to envisage one day joining the vast network of film festivals that crisscross the American east coast.


Among the new features of this 3rd edition, we cannot ignore the addition of an oversized screen and a new screen and digital cinema equipment (DCP) permanently installed at the Brome Lake Theatre. “This new addition to the Festival will represent a sustainable facility for the Theatre and the community. We are very proud of this,” said Julie Bradet.


The Festival in brief


The Knowlton Film Festival is a small film festival in the heart of one of the most bucolic regions of Quebec. It reaches out to a diverse audience and highlights Quebec, Canadian and international cinema, while stimulating exchanges between its creators and the public.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to thank our many partners, private donors, governments and merchants – as well as the thirty or so volunteers who made this event possible for the local economy.

A few photos: