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07/06/2017 - 07/08/2017

As you can imagine a lot of “things happen” in live performances and on tour, so Wayne and Andrea decided to put together a retrospective performance. They have chosen a selection of their favourite dances along side their favourite anecdotes to share with the audience.

So get ready for a fun filled evening of incredible tap dancing and entertaining stories from years of working in showbiz. Experience first hand what it was to share a dressing room with Joan Baez, how it felt to work with Al Pacino in “Scarface”, or dancing along side the famous Nicholas Brothers; life on tour with the Cirque du Soleil, not to mention a disastrous gig in Atlantic City trying our hand at some blue humour for the Naked Circus and much, much more! Not to be missed, 3 nights only!

Wayne et Andrea nous racontent leur vie fascinante sur la route, en dansant, de l’Amerique du Nord, à l’Europe en passant par l’Asie.

Photo by Michael Doucett



9 Mont Echo, Knowlton, Quebec, Canada, J0E 1V0