Festive Fridays

This summer, Festive Fridays are back at Coldbrook Park! Presented by Théâtre de Lac-Brome, the event is free and takes place every Friday from July 7 to August 4, 2023. If it rains, the show will be moved to the theater.

Limited seating / Bring your own chairs

July 7



Due to the risk of thunderstorms, the show has been moved to the Theatre Lac-Brome. General admission, first come first seated.

We look forward to seeing you at 5:30pm, the show starts at 6 p.m.

The Random Chance Band is made up of six local Knowlton musicians who entertain audiences with shows featuring a variety of songs from many musical genres: classic rock, country, R&B, soul and ballads. A loyal following fills the dance floor at every show, and has helped the band raise over $30,000 for various charities over the past ten years.

July 14


For little Mokatek, counting the stars at night is a real pleasure. Ever since his mother disappeared beneath the waters of the river, he likes to recount his days to the star that shines brightest in the sky, his compass that protects him from above: the North Star. One full moon, the North Star disappears. This marks the start of a journey of initiation to find the shining star, and to discover the strength and courage he carries within himself. A quest towards himself, towards his origin, guided by the spirit of sounds and animals.

Artistic director of French-language Aboriginal company Productions Ondinnok, Dave Jenniss is also an actor, director, playwright and screenwriter. Since 2008, he has been recognized for his writing, which is touchingly true to his Wolastoqey identity.

July 21


Jordane reveals her strength and vulnerability through her indie pop songs, which are both committed and poetic. With her imaginative lyrics, warm voice, strong interpretation and feminine vision, she speaks of sisterhood, mutual aid, wounds, nature and resilience. Her music is intimate, carried by contrasting arrangements, both in terms of dynamics and stylistic choices. Now accompanying herself on the keyboard, Jordane is a complete artist, who speaks for women of her age with heart and intelligence.

Her latest album, Reine de papier, released in April 2022, has garnered over 200,000 views of her music videos, and her musical releases have racked up nearly a million listens across platforms.

July 28


This Swiss/Mauritian duo presents its new album in Mauritian Creole, the fruit of the encounter between Swiss Thierry Jaccard and Mauritian Yannick Nanette. From their roots firmly planted in the 20s, comes a blues show influenced by modern Creole sounds.

August 4


This in situ hip-hop show questions the parameters of the female gender through its choreographic language, rooted in Hip Hop. Taking street furniture as their starting point, the 4 performers push their physical abilities and revisit the codes of street dance. Nourished by the different venues in which she performs, the choreographer creates a space where spectators are invited to experience the energy of street dance in close proximity to their bodies.