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The new version of the SRV TRIBUTE BLUES BAND brilliantly tackles the greatest hits of STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, the 7th greatest guitarist of all time (according to Rolling Stone magazine). Olivier Gagné, in the role of STEVIE RAY, will take you through the artistic journey of the most emblematic Texan in blues history. No effort has been spared to recreate the work in every detail. The physical resemblance is fascinating, the voice assured, full of passion, strong, fair and intense. The guitar playing is masterful and energetic, and the band's performance remarkable. A unique retrospective of the blues legend's repertoire. Critics are unanimous: a must-see!


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Ciné-concert |De Nicholas Pynes et de ses musiciens

Movies and Music have been paired from the earliest days, and nights, of cinema. Audiences were shocked and enchanted by images will being entertained by musical accompaniment, from out of tune upright pianos, to large orchestras...Silent Cinema was never fully silent as music was always a part of the presentation of film.Silent Cinema was never fully silent as music was always a part of the presentation of film. This Cine Concert, lecture-demonstration by Nicholas Pynes will highlight early short films by Méliés, Chaplin, and Keaton, with live musical accompaniment, traditional and modern.


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Talented Montreal guitarist Jordan Officer is back on stage with his new show ¨Like Never Before¨.


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Serhiy Salov & Thomas Chartré

A concert rich in emotions where you will discover great works for cello and piano.


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Florence K

I fell in love with the music of Antônio Carlos Jobim when I was a teenager. Like many people, I already knew the famous melody of "The Girl from Ipanema", but I wasn't familiar with the rest of his work. Then I landed a job as a pianist at the Stash Café, a Polish restaurant in Old Montreal, and to add to my repertoire, my mother gave me a book of scores of Jobim's complete repertoire. So it was on weekend evenings, between plates of pierogis on St-Paul Street, sitting at the restaurant's old piano, that I had the pleasure of discovering the richness and beauty of the songs of the greatest Brazilian composer the 20th century has given us. Completely fascinated by the perfection of the melodies and ingenious chords of the founding father of bossa nova, I've bought every possible version of his works, performed by Jobim as well as some of the world's greats, including Frank Sinatra, Joao Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto, Elis Regina, Eliane Elias, Stan Getz and dozens of others.


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Vintage Wine And Special Guests

A concert featuring the songs of mid-1960s Beatlemania and other hit groups of the British Invasion.


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Alfa Rococo returns with a new show inspired by songs from their album Fais-moi rêver. Accompanied by their musicians, the distinguished duo plunge us into their festive, danceable universe, while rubbing shoulders with the dreamlike, celestial and profound aspects of their work.


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Ferrari en feu, Le Crue

Dance show with : Julia-Maude Cloutier and Amélie Gagnon


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Louise Latraverse

L'amour crisse: the show's title echoes Louise Latraverse's heartfelt response to a question posed by France Beaudoin on the program En direct de l'univers: "Can you name one thing the Covid won't get rid of? Her answer, "l'amour crisse", set Quebec ablaze.


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Dawn Tyler Watson, backed by members of the Ben Racine Band, continues to represent Quebec internationally after taking top honors at the 2017 International Blues Challenge (IBC). There, she distinguished herself in the band category among more than 260 blues artists who came to Memphis from all over the world to take part in the annual six-day event organized by the Blues Foundation. The first Canadian to win the prestigious award, she is also the first woman to win it in 25 years.


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Conteur | Cedric Landry

Cédric Landry, who brings his magic to Cirque Éloize's Entre ciel et mer, presents his own show, La light du Borgot.


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Harry Manx

Back by popular demand Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Harry Manx blends classical Indian music with southern American Blues. Opening act: GENEVIÈVE JODOIN Since last autumn, she has accompanied Harry Manx on stage on piano, guitar and vocals. Long-time friends, their complicity is undeniable, and their voices form a perfect blend of richness and gentleness.


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Touch the ghost to make it disappear You may not know Dominique Morneau, but he knows you! Dominique Morneau has mastered the art of simply explaining the key concepts of good communication for couples, families and businesses. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of human nature, he possesses an uncommon talent for triggering reflection, inviting us to ask the right questions, and prompting us to take action quickly and concretely in our daily lives. Can we change in two hours? With the toolbox offered by Dominique Morneau, it's quite possible that some of the pieces of our intimate puzzle can be fixed much faster than we thought.


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Ken Presse

Singer-songwriter and director Ken Presse takes the stage to perform songs from his debut album "In My Mind," released last November.


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From the great ship HEMENETSET, Jorane's flagship creative project, comes a little explorer shuttle called: Hemenetset duo. Accompanied by Martin Lizotte on piano, Jorane sets out to meet the public with all her strength and fragility, in an invitation to awaken our inner freedom. Hemenetset: a call to ultimate self-expression.


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Ingrid St-Pierre

"Delicately undressed, unravelled songs that unfurl in their original finery. Lively, full of stories, and all full of immensity. In this solo show, Ingrid St-Pierre is driven by the desire to exist freely on stage, leaving plenty of room for the cinema of words, silences, details, stories and landscapes."


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Guy Nantel is finally back with a new show. With such a catchy title, it's obvious that Nantel's 6th one-man-show is a humorous look back at his political his political adventure.


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CUTS LIKE A KNIKE is a high-energy evening! Live versions of Bryan Adams' greatest hits! Inspired by the 2005 show LIVE IN LISBON. CUTS LIKE A KNIFE is a five-piece band featuring Sylvain Auclair (vocals and base), Sébastien Cloutier (keyboards and backing vocals), Michel Bruno (lead guitar), François Corriveau (drums) and Bruno Coulombe (rhythm guitar and backing vocals). RUN TO YOU, SUMMER OF 69, BACK TO YOU, HEAVEN, SOMEBODY & IT'S ONLY LOVE in a dynamic rock show where the party's on! Not to be missed


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Michel Rivard

With a career spanning 50 years, Michel Rivard is as relevant, active and creative as ever. as ever


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Montréal Guitare Trio (MG3)

Back by popular demand at Théâtre du Lac Brome! Considered one of the finest ensembles in the country, the Montreal Guitar Trio (MG3) has been imposing its virtuosity and breathtaking stage presence at home and abroad for over 25 years.


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A wordless show, Pomelo offers an enveloping experience for all the senses. An onstage double bassist gives rhythm to the adventures of this elephant in the midst of a nature made of paper and various colored tactile materials, which come to life as if by magic. Based on Pomelo est amoureux by Ramona Badescu and Benjamin Chaud, published by Albin Michel Jeunesse Puppets, shadows, music and materials from 3 years ° ° ° 45 minutes ° ° °


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Catherine Major

Le premier album instrumental de Catherine Major.


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Reinvented for cello and piano by two artists whose reputation is unequivocal, these Images oubliées paint a timeless portrait of a musical legend.


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A show devoted entirely to the songs of Cat Stevens. The main performer is Pierre Trépanier, accompanied by two great friends. This is first and foremost an acoustic show, where the voice is supported by guitar, piano, bass, percussion, flute and superb vocal harmonies. The chemistry between the artists is obvious!


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Kenny Blues Boss Wayne

The legendary American pianist and singer Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne makes a grand return.


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Fantastic and surreal, GLITCH plunges us into the mysterious basement of a deserted theater. At least, that's what our intrepid foursome believe when they enter a world that's about to transform them.


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"I've got a long way to go," ten-year-old François announced to his two younger brothers, to let them know that he needed to go off on his own to discover the possibilities that awaited him around the bend... It was the discovery of the stream, flowing just a few steps from his home, that changed the order of the world in his head and heart.


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Francis Degrandpré will transport you into his new country universe, totally in tune with the times. After the many hits from his first album, all of which topped the Quebec radio charts and are still very much in demand, the Berthierville-born author, composer and performer is back with his eagerly-awaited second album.


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Daughter, goddaughter and great-granddaughter of milkmen, Arleen Thibault has drawn on her family's anecdotes and a collection of milk delivery memories from the general public to tell us the truths and myths of a trade about to become legend.


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Willows presents her new album Maison vent. This collection of personal songs is first and foremost about women: the women in her life, both those who came before her and her personal experience as a woman and Métis from the Red River, of Franco-Manitoban origin and now a resident of Montreal.


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In preparation for a new show, the tall, thin man with the corrosive humor comes to present a collage of his new jokes and songs.


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The One Love Project is a group of talented, versatile Montreal musicians who interpret the great hits of Bob Marley and the Wailers with passion, love and precision.


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Entitled Del Horizonte (from the expression "beyond the horizon"), the new live experience takes the festive side of his already engaging performances even further. The new stage setup includes video projections that amplify the interactivity of the show with a staging that fortifies a universal message of love, communion and acceptance.