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For a few concerts only, Tire le coyote will be performing with pianist and multi-instrumentalist Jérôme Beaulieu. A rare opportunity to be at the heart of the most beautiful songs of the singer-songwriter. This duet meeting will give way to Tire le coyote's unique voice, carried by Beaulieu's great talent as an exceptional musician.


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Christmas with Joe Bocan Enchanted by her participation in the show NOËL UNE TRADITION EN CHANSON last December, where she shined and won warm applause from the audience, Joe Bocan proposes an intimate show accompanied by her two musicians for the 2023 holiday season, which she directs herself. Knowing her artistic bent, there's no doubt that this show, with its colorful and playful repertoire, will be original, festive and astonishing, and an opportunity to gather around the Christmas values so cherished by Joe Bocan.


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In the wake of the release of her new album Dire combien je t'aime, Luce Dufault offers a highly-anticipated new show in an intimate setting, showcasing the richness of her talent. Accompanied by three musicians, her unique voice shines through the highlights of her vast repertoire, as well as songs from her new album. Luce Dufault is an exceptional artist, and it has been said that she belongs to the major female singers, singers who last, singers on whom musicians and poets can count to see their works transcend. Luce Dufault on stage: the great rendezvous with the voice of the most beautiful emotions!


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Catherine Major explores new musical territories. Trading the keys of her piano for those of a computer keyboard, she signs the music, the programming, the arrangements and the production of Carte mère, a patiently elaborated electro-orchestral opus that reveals unsuspected facets of her talent. Catherine Major and her multi-instrumentalist partner Maxime Audet-Halde recreate on stage, in the enveloping luminous space of lighting designer Stéphane Caissy, the entire album Carte mère. A mixture of technical prowess and pure emotion, to be savored with tears in our eyes and with a certain urge to melt into the pieces that lift us up. Through the video, two superb dancers accompany them throughout this show, expect to live a real electro-heart!


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With Édith Paquet and Sandra Dumaresq A new collaboration begins between Productions Martin Leclerc and Écoumène, with a first theatrical production entitled Le Noeud. The play was sold out at Théâtre La Licorne and will be back on the road in spring 2024. One of the reasons for the play's success is its sensitive, realistic treatment of real issues shaking society today. It illustrates the encounter between the mother of an 11-year-old boy and his teacher. The atmosphere is tense; the former wants to know what drove her son to take his own life, while the latter, shaken and confused, is slow to enlighten her. Despite clashing visions and gnawing guilt, the two women work together to retrace the events and try to understand. What was the source of this child's distress? Was he a victim or an executioner? Their verbal jousting, raw and cruel, is both epic and surprising. In this closed-door play, playwright Johnna Adams questions the boundaries of freedom of expression. The playwright also examines the delicate relationship between parents and teachers. Translated from the American by Maryse Warda and directed by Guillermina Kerwin.


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Emilie Clepper launched an album in September 2023 composed entirely by her father, Russell Clepper, who passed on his passion for music. As a child, Emilie had the privilege of falling asleep to his songs and by the age of 11, she began playing guitar and singing. She has been dreaming of paying tribute to her greatest musical influence ever since. In this show, the Texas rhythms will enchant the two-step and country dance enthusiasts. An evening of Americana music that will make Quebecers rediscover the genre through its authenticity and roots.


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Immerse yourself in the intimate world of 2 Frères with their new acoustic show "En solo". Accompanied by their instruments, the two musicians will take the audience on an emotional journey, performing their greatest hits in their own authentic and captivating way. A unique musical experience that will allow you to rediscover their iconic songs in a new light, in magical locations across the province of Quebec. Prepare to be transported by the brotherly complicity and spellbinding musicality of 2 Frères in this new show with a friendly, heartwarming feel. Directed by Steve Marin and written by Mathieu Gratton


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Mens-moi "I can't wait to present my brand new show, in which I'll finally be performing some new original songs! This time, I wanted to open up a little more to you, my dear public, who have been following me for so long. Today, I'm giving you 100% Brigitte Boisjoli from start to finish, with some of my favorite songs from the past few years, and of course a few nods to the highlights of my latest albums. I can't wait to tell you all about my life in song, and to meet you again! See you soon!" - Brigitte Boisjoli


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Tina Leon's new show, Push & Pull, brings her two mini-albums to the stage. With her richly melodic Soul, RnB and Jazz rhythms, she invites us to join her on a colorful journey. With her seasoned musicians, the Montreal-born singer-songwriter delivers a memorable performance that will challenge you not to dance.


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Dawn Tyler Watson, backed by members of the Ben Racine Band, continues to represent Quebec internationally after taking top honors at the 2017 International Blues Challenge (IBC). There, she distinguished herself in the band category among more than 260 blues artists who came to Memphis from all over the world to take part in the annual six-day event organized by the Blues Foundation. The first Canadian to win the prestigious award, she is also the first woman to win it in 25 years.


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Harry Manx

Back by popular demand Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Harry Manx blends classical Indian music with southern American Blues. In the mid-1980s, captivated by Indian music, he began a five-year apprenticeship with Rajasthani master Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. He learned to play the famous Mohan Veena, a guitar/sitar, which became his favourite instrument. The artist is thus described as the “essential link” between Eastern and Western music, creating musical stories that combine the blues tradition with the depth of classical Indian raga under the name “Mysticssippi.” With a rich discography, Harry Manx has toured extensively throughout the world. His reputation on stage opens the doors of prestigious international festivals and blues clubs among the most famous across the planet. A versatile instrumentalist who handles sitar, banjo and harmonica, and lap steel guitar with infectious joy, he transports his audience to the heart of the “Harry Zone.”