TLB can be rented by the day or for longer periods. Many options are available:  it is possible to rent the auditorium or the foyer separately or together. Our rental rates are flexible and special rates are available for non-profit organizations.


The auditorium is well equipped. It includes a lighting system, sound equipment and a Steinway grand piano on the stage. It also features a brand new projection system and a giant screen offering a unique cinema experience, perfect for premieres or launches of films and mini-series.
The hall is equipped with 161 comfortable seats giving the audience an excellent view of the stage.

Rates – weekday

Between $300 and $700 per day, depending on whether they are community organizations or corporate events.

Rates – weekend

Between $350 and $850 per day, depending on whether they are amateur productions or private or corporate events.


Dimensions of the stage

10.67 m (35 ft) wide from wall to wall

7.62 m (25 ft) from the back to the front of the stage

The stage rises 50 cm (20 in.) above the ground and has steps at each end. The curtain at the front of the stage is in dark blue velvet, while the Greek curtain at the back and the side curtains are in black velvet.


The foyer of about 1700 m2 can accommodate about 60 people seated or 150 standing. In addition, the covered outdoor terrace can accommodate another 40 people seated, for additional capacity during the summer.

Tables and chairs for 40 people are available, but it is always possible to rent additional ones from a local rental company.

The walls are equipped with rails and rods for hanging art. This allows exhibitions to be held in the foyer and vernissages to be held there.

There is also a grand piano in the foyer.

Rates for the hall only

Between $300 and $700 per day

For more information, contact us by phone at 450 242-2270 or by email at